Our mission is: To promote the grace and healing provided by God through the Sacrament of Penance to all.
Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Zenit Interview

Last week Zenit interviewed me via email regarding The Penance Project. It was published last night and  you can read it here.


Seeker of purity said...

Just read it. Great thing you are doing and so needed. I too am trying to teach about Penance on my web site. Would it be okay for me to link to you?

Jason Morrow said...

Sure! That would be more than okay.

Claudia said...

I will like to know if this is written in Spanish. It is a great way to examine our conscience. I really believe they should have this information close to the confessionals and inside, many people get nervous, and they do not know what to say, at least this will remind them of the "little sins" we sometimes forgett to confess. Thank you and continue with the great work and propagating Divine Mercy.

Jason Morrow said...

We have a volunteer that is working to translate the information kit into Spanish. As soon as it is completed we will post it on the website for download and will begin mailing out the new translation when requested. Unfortunately we do not have the resources currently to offer the entire web site and blog in Spanish yet.